Here's How:

Any production company can light a space. But that's not what we do.
We listen to your vision, share the possibilities, and collaborate to make them happen.



The body is designed to take in sunshine, and we are fueled by this. So when you share your vision, it inspires and energizes us to create. We don't see your event as a space to light. Rather, a feeling you want to evoke. We draw inspiration from your established design like stationery, linen textures, and the small details you've infused to make the event unique.

And because we want guests to have the best experience, we think through every element in the lens of the photographer for the best aesthetics. From there, we dream up a completely custom and original concept that complements your design and naturally breathes life and energy into the space.


Creative Partners

- Gurminder Banga, Banga Studios

“They are very collaborative, they are mindful and helpful of what we need to execute our activations to its highest standards.”

Once plans are in place, you shouldn't have to worry about the outcome. And with us you don't have to. With over 15 years experience, we review important logistics, address potential challenges, and coordinate with your vendor team in advance.

And unlike other lighting companies, we're with you during both the design and production. We come prepared, continuously monitor the scene, and can easily adapt to changes for the best possible experience.


Peace of Mind

- Julian Leaver, Julian Leaver Events

“They are willing to do everything possible to make sure my event is a success.”

He's the Jacob, She's the Co


- Pejy Kash, Pejy Kash Events, America's Best Planners, Bride's

“They are just as invested in the success of the party as a whole and they are there for us, even if the task has NOTHING to do with lighting, this will set them apart from everyone else.”

On any given weekend, you can find them with their two girls, executing an incredible lighting design and offering to help the event run smoothly in any way.

While creative minds normally get the spotlight in the event world, successful event companies need to be brilliant in professional management. Meet Courtney. Overcoming obstacles inherently is what sets Courtney apart as the company manager. Her role from email to website management, shipping logistics globally, and purchasing, keeps the experience organized and seamless every step along the way.

Traveling all over the world, Jacob loves serving his clients by fulfilling challenges of creative lighting design for events in destinations that would otherwise be difficult to produce in. He passionately customizes each event, and is always raising the bar, making it obvious that he loves what he does. And creating an unforgettable experience is exactly what he does best!

We plant forests of trees equal to the amount of carbon we produce by driving, flying, or shipping for each and every event. The trees we plant absorb the negative excess of carbon creating beauty and balance. 

Carbon Offset

We capture the power of the sun in our lighting. And we use that energy to fuel a plan that is beautiful and one that you can feel good about - all at the same time. 

Solar Charged

We want to give back for our clients. And the simplest way to do that is to give back to the environment.​​


- Ceci Johnson, Ceci New York, Harpers Bazaar's 'Invitation Idol'

“Their eco conscious mind, passion for innovation to compliment the design of the event not overpower it with light + they're great people!”


Fully off-grid wireless lighting design in any destination.